FAQ (For interleading doors)

Are the doors suitable for the steam and moisture in a bathroom?
Yes. The edges of the doors are protected by the aluminium extrusions and the normal amount of condensation in a bathroom has no effect on the doors.

Can I use these doors for my built-in wardrobes?
The Sliding Entrance doors for bedrooms and bathrooms are NOT suitable for wardrobe doors, however we do have a range of wardrobe sliding doors available. Please view our product range.

Do I need to remove the skirting before installing the door?
No. You can leave the skirting on. Supplied in the box with the doors, is a 16mm strip of wood which needs to be fixed behind the track to compensate for the skirting.

The quadrant ( the wood quarter round which covers the join between the carpet and the skirting ) should be removed.

I have purchased a door from the store and the lock is on the wrong side, can I turn the door around?
Depends. If the door is a double sided woodgrain or a double sided mirror or frosted glass door, yes you can install the door to close either to the left or to the right.

However with the mirror one side/ wood panel the other side, the lock is on either the left or right hand side. These doors cannot be turned around. Also, the lock is supplied on either the mirror side or the woodgrain side.

I have a steel / wood doorframe  – do I need to remove it first?
No this is not necessary and could be a problem if you do remove it as the frame sometimes supports the brickwork above the doorway and would also make the opening larger which may not suit a standard size door.

Can I choose the colour of the aluminium?
Yes, you have a choice of Bronze, matt silver and matt white. Click here to see an example

Can I choose the wood grain finish that best suits the doors location?
Yes, you have a choice of 5 finishes. White, maple, memphis, cherry royale, mahogany.

Is it possible to 'mix and match' the wood grain finishes and the aluminium?
Yes, you can choose any combination that best suits your requirements.