Looking for a competitively priced fully paintable DIY sliding door. The Styla slider has been specifically designed for customers that wish to paint or decorate a sliding door themselves, its sleek, elegant design compliments all standard size openings within the home or work space with the added benefit of being able to express your own personal taste or decor requirements.

The Styla door is made from plain MDF board and is supplied un-primed and un-painted.

The door comes standard with a privacy slide lock.

Our Styla doors are easy to install and everything you will need comes complete in the box. The box content includes the door, track, screws, wall plugs, fascia and DIY instructions.

Our standard doors are suitable for an opening of 813mm x 2030mm (finished standard door size is 890mm x 2070mm) and can be installed over your existing steel door frame should you have one. The Styla door is available from one of our main stockists.

The Styla door is only available in the standard door size.

Styla – Painted

Styla – Blackboard

Styla – Pop Art

Styla – Wallpaper

Styla – Pelmet Detail

Styla – Lock